VEKA – Leads the World with Quality Windows & Doors

When it comes to quality window and door systems, no one does it better than VEKA.

Since 1969, VEKA has been adorning the world in perfect uPVC window and door profile systems. Today, as the world’s leading producer, VEKA’s quest in providing excellent profiles and services continue unabated.

Well represented all over the world, with manufacturing facilities in Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Poland, the USA, China, Russia and Mexico, VEKA have more than 2,500 fabricating partners strategically located on all continents, supported by a worldwide network of sales and technical support offices. The unparalleled success and rise of VEKA can be attributed to three fundamental strengths : technological advantage, international know-how, and uncompromising quality assurance and improvement.

So when you are looking for the perfect window and door system you often dream about, you really do not need to look beyond VEKA – a name symbolized QUALITY.


Quality You Can Rely Upon
We, VEKA, one of the branches of Veka Germany, the world leading manufacturer of uPVC window and door profile systems. All window and door produced by us are backed by the technical expertise and technology transfer from our VEKA headquarters – the undisputed world leader in quality uPVC window and door profile systems.

Our commitment to providing only the finest window and door systems, you are assured that every time you choose a VEKA window and door system, you can be confident of making the perfect decision. One that can withstand not just the scrutiny of mankind, but also the forces of nature.




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